Braes of Taymouth - Kenmore, Perthshire



The Mains of Kenmore:
  • Kenmore

    "End of the water". The village was established with the construction of nearby Balloch Castle, and the name was originally that of Balloch. The village was moved from its place near Balloch to it's present location in 1540.

  • Taymouth - Balloch

    "Pass". Balloch Castle was built in 1552 by Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy as the seat of Clan Campbell in the region. John Campbell the 4th Earl of Breadalbane demolished the castle and built the existing Taymouth Castle after 1806.

  • Port of Taymouth and the Mains

    The Port is adjacent to and part of the Mains of Kenmore, predating Balloch. It was the access to the Isle of Loch Tay immediately offshore that was possibly an early residence and fortification for the Earls of Fife, and later fortified by the Campbells.

    1769: 7 Crofters and a cotter.

  • Dalmartaig and Inchadney

    "St. Martin's haugh" and "Island of St. Aidan". Farms that are now parks adjacent to the Mains across the River Tay from Balloch.

  • Braes of Taymouth

    The Braes are the steep sloped land immediately south and east of the flat Mains of Kenmore and its parks. Also refered to as the Brae of Ballansuime.

    1769 Tenants: John Haggart, Patrick Crerar, Janet Dewar.

  • Stroncomrie

    "Promontory of the confluence or curved plain". Here the Point of Lyon is where the River Lyon and River Tay meet.

    1769 Tenants: Donald McGregor, John Sinclair and Duncan Dewar.

  • Stix

    "Stocky or stooky-like ground". Styx or Stix is a croft further down the Tay from Taymouth on the south side across from Dull.

  • Croftmoraig

    "Croft of Mary". Croft and farm west of Stix.

  • Kinghallin

    "Head of white district". 2 Farms on the south bank of the Glen Lyon near Duneaves.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Patrick Anderson and Alexander Robertson, Easter: Suncan McArthur and Robert Kippen.

Southshore of Loch Tay - Tuath-fhaire - Eddergoll:
  • Croftnacabber

    "Croft of the deer". A cattle farm east of Portbane at the base of the Braes of Taymouth.

    1769 Tenants: James Campbell.

  • Portbane

    "Fair port". A large cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: John McNaughton, Malcolm Carmichael, Patrick McVicar, John McTavish, John Fisher, Finlay Maltman, Patrick Anderson, Alexander McKercher.

  • Balmacnaughton

    "Macnaughton's town". A large cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: John Haggart, John McAndrew, Donald McKay, Dougal McDougall, Duncan McFell, Margaret McNaughton.

  • Remony

    "Hill sheiling". A large cattle farm with a Mill.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan Kippen, Duncan Anderson, Duncan Robertson, James Kippen, William Murray.

  • Tomgarrow

    "Rough (with stones) hillock". A cattle farm south of Revucky.

    1769 Tenants: Daniel McNaughton, Patrick Kennedy, Neil McFell, Hugh Sinclair.

  • Revucky

    "The pigs promontory". A cattle farm adjacent to Remony.

    1769 Tenants: John McKercher, William Rutherford, John McKenzie, Isabel Kippen, Margaret Haggart.

  • Alekich

    "The flaggy ford". A cattle farm up river from Remony.

    1769 Tenants: John Anderson, Isabel McDougall, Donald McKercher.

  • Balulaggan

    "Town of the hollow". A cattle farm east of Acharn with a Miln Croft.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: James Walker, Donald Walker, Easter: Neil McArthur, John McArthur, John of Lonnagay, Colin Campbell, McAndrew, Janet McNaughton.

  • Acharn

    "Field of the cairn". A large cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Donald Haggart Sr, Donald Haggart, John McNab, Easter: Archibald Cameron, Duncan Kippen Sr, Duncan Kippen.

  • Croftmartaig

    "St. Martin's croft". A cattle farm just northeast of Achianich.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Donald Clark, Alexander Anderson, Andrew Douglas, Easter: Finlay Hay, Donald Hay, Donald McTavish.

  • Lurgloman

    "Bare strip of land". A cattle farm just northeast of Achianich.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Gilbert Walker, Easter: Patrick Haggart, Janet McVean.

  • Achianich

    "Field of hunting". A cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick Carmichael, John Anderson, Duncan Robertson, Catherine McKay.

  • Callelochan

    "Wood of the streamlets". A cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: John McKay, Patrick McKeown, McArthur, Patrick Crerar, Malcolm McCallum, Catherine McKeown, John McNab.

  • Ardradnaig

    A cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: Donald McVichie, John McLaren.

  • Kepranich

    "The ferny hummock". A cattle farm.

    1769 Tenants: Alexander McKeown, Finlay Stalker, Duncan Robertson.

  • Shenlarich

    "Old ruins". A cattle farm north of Ardtalanaig.

    1769 Tenants: John McIntyre, Donald McIntyre, Isabel Sinclair, Margaret McDougall.

  • Ardtalanaig

    "High pass". A Miltown with cattle farms - Revane and Maille.

    1769 Tenants: Alexander McDougall, Thomas Stewart and John Stewart.

  • Craig

    "Rock". A cattle farm southwest of Ardtalanaig.

    1769 Tenants: Daniel Stewart, John McLaren, Hugh McKeown, Duncan Clark.

  • Tullich

    "Hillock". A cattle farm and boat-croft southwest of Ardtalanaig.

    1769 Tenants: Boat-croft: Patrick Fisher, Wester Tullich: Finlay McDiarmid, John McKeown, Daniel, McKeown, Duncan Cameron, Catherine McIntyre, Easter Tullich: Hugh McLaren, Catherine McIntyre, Margaret McLaren, Margaret McKeown.

  • Cloichran

    Cattle farms - separated from Kenmore by Ardeonaig, Killin.

    1769 Tenants: Finlay McLaren, John McLaren, Duncan Carmichael, Christian Wilson, Middle: Donald Buchanan, Patrick McLaren, Donald McLaren, John McNaughton.

The Fearnan

Alder - Gaelic, Fearna.

  • Stronfearnan

    "Promontory of the alder district". 4 Farms and 7 cotteries with 1 croft.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan McGregor, Archibald McPherson, Malcolm McNab, John McLean, Malcolm McKercher, John and junior John McGregor and Alexander McLean.

  • Taynloan

    "House of the meadow". A farm on the shore of Loch Tay adjacent to Stronfearnan.

    1769 Tenants: Archibald Campbell.

  • Croftnalen

    "Croft of the beautiful". A farm immediately north of Stronfearnan.

    1769 Tenants: Donald Stewart, Gilbert McArthur and Archibald Campbell.

  • Boreland

    "Big yard". A large farm.

    1769 Tenants: John, Donald and Duncan McGregor, Duncan Robertson and Donald McDougall's widow.

  • Corracherrow

    "The glen or corrie of the quarter". A large farm formerly two.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick Haggart, Duncan McDonald, Eugene McDonald and Alexander McLean.

  • Balnearn

    "Town of the alders". A small farm with 2 cotters.

    1769 Tenants: John, Duncan, Donald and Alexander Roberston.

  • Balmenoch

    "Middletown". A small farm.

    1769 Tenants: Alexander Roberston and Alexander McMillan.

  • Tomintyvoir

    "Hillock of the big house". 2 farms above the road.

    1769 Tenants: Donald Fisher, John Robertson, Alexander Roberston and Duncan Robertson.

  • Lagfearn

    "Alder hollow". Was a small farm south of Tomintyvoir.

    1769 Tenants: Alexander McDougall and John McKercher.

  • Milton Lawers

    "Mountain of the cloven hoof". A small farm that was enclosed by a dyke. It had a church and mill as well as a ferry crossing.

  • Croftintygan

    "Croft of the marten". 3 Farms.

    1769 Tenants: John Man, Patrick McAllantich, Hugh Dewar, Duncan McInucator, Duncan McNaughton and Col. Campbell.

  • Croftrannich

    Cuiltrannich - "Ferny corner". A farm above Milton Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan McMartin, Malcolm McMartin and Duncan Clark.

  • Drumnaferrach

    "Ridge of the commonty". A farm above Milton Lawers, near Croftrannich.

  • Lawernacroy

    "The lawers of the tree". A samll farm north of Milton Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan McCormick, Donald McGregor and John Roberston.

  • Duallin

    "Black haughs". A small farm south of the road northeast of Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan McGregor, Duncan Ferguson and John Dewar.

  • Drumglass

    "Green ridge". Was an enclosed farm south of the road northeast of Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: James Dewar, James McArthur.

  • Shenlarich

    "Old ruins". Was an enclosed farm south of the road northeast of Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: Donald McGibbon, John Dewar and Duncan Campbell.

  • Craggan Lawers

    Cragganruar — "Rock of delving". A small enclosed farm south of the road northeast of Lawers.

  • Cloanlawers

    "The hoofed slope". 3 farms - Wester, Middle and Easter - along the road northeast of Lawers.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Charles McLean, John McLean and Alexander McGregor. Middle: John and Duncan Anderson. Easter: Alexander, Duncan and Donald McGregor and Peter Man.

Northshore of Loch Tay - Deas-fhaire:
  • Tirarthur - Ballemeanoch

    "Arthur's land", "Middletown". A farm.

    1769 Tenants: Hugh Christie, Janet Fisher, Mary Christie.

  • Balnadalloch

    "Town of the haugh or level meadow". A farm.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan Brown, Finlay McInlaroy, Finlay McIntyre, Margaret Robertson.

  • Margness

    "Markland of the waterfall". A farm.

    1769 Tenants: Gregor Campbell, Duncan McInlaroy, Donald McVurrich.

  • Ardvoile - Morenish

    ?, "Big inch or big waterfall". 2 farms.

    1769 Tenants: Upper: Patrick Haggart, Malcolm McDougall, Lower: Archibald Dewar, Duncan Brown, Duncan McCormick.

  • Ballemore

    "Big town". 2 farms.

    1769 Tenants: Upper: Hugh McDiarmid, John McDiarmid, John Anderson, Lower: Patrick McVurrich, Duncan Morrison, Duncan McCallum.

  • Tomochrocher

    "Hangman's hillock". 2 farms.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: John McGregor, Finlay McIllihuas, Easter: John McNaughton, Duncan McNaughton, William McVurrich, Duncan McInlaroy.

  • BlairLiargan

    A farm.

    1769 Tenants: Archibald McIntyre, Patrick McIntyre, Finlay Fisher, Donald Fisher, John Fisher, Ludovick McNaughton, John McMillan, John McIllihuas, John Crerar, John Ferguson, John McLaren.

  • Rynachuilig

    A farm.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick McNaughton, Patrick Ferguson, Finlay Sinclair, Finlay McNab, Donald Sinclair, James McNab, John McIllihuas.

  • Edramucky

    "Between two pig or buck hills". 9 Horse farms.

    1769 Tenants: John McInlaroy, Finlay Clark, Duncan McInlaroy, Donald Crerar, Donald McLaren, Malcolm McCaul, Donald Crerar, Patrick McNaughton, Malcolm McNaughton.

  • Kiltyrie

    "The narrow land". 13 Horse farms.

    1769 Tenants: Wester: Gibert Brown, Angus McDiarmid, Patrick McIllihuas, Duncan Mcuricht, Finlay McDiarmid, John McDiarmid, Easter: Calum McIlliriach, Finlay McDiarmid, Christian McIntyre, Donald McCaul, Alexander McCaul, Patrick McIntyre, Donald McCaul.

  • Margnaha

    "Markland of the kiln". 4 Horse farms part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: Duncan McIllihuas, John McCaul, John McDiarmid.

  • Margdow

    "Black markland". A Farm part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: Finlay McGregor, Donald McDiarmid.

  • Margphuil

    "Markland of the Dub". A Farm part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: John McInlaroy, Finlay McDiarmid.

  • Tombour

    "Dunn hillock". A Farm part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: William McVurrich, John Malloch.

  • Croftvellich

    "Croft of the pass". A Farm and croft part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: John McIllihuas, Alexander McCaul, Duncan Stewart.

  • Blairmore

    "Big level field". A Farm part of Carwhin Officiary.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick McEwen, Duncan McGregor, Donald McMillan, Duncan Dewar.

  • Carie

    "Paved ford". 2 Farms.

    1769 Tenants: Archibald McPhail, Duncan Campbell, James Campbell, Donald Campbell, Malcolm McGibbon, Duncan McCallum, Donald McCallum, Duncan McCallum, Duncan McIllihuas.

  • Tombreck

    "Spotted hillock". Farms with crofts.

  • Craggantoll

    "The rock of holes". 2 Farms.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick Campbell, James Campbell, Hugh McDiarmid, Malcolm McDiarmid, Patrick McEwen.

  • Craggannester

    "Rock of the bridge". 2 Farms.

    1769 Tenants: Alexander Dewar, Angus McOmbich, Malcolm McDiarmid, Patrick Dewar.

  • Balnahanaid

    "Town of the mother church". A Farm.

    1769 Tenants: John Malloch.

  • Balnasium

    "Town of soums=five sheep". 3 Farms.

    1769 Tenants: Patrick McLaren, Patrick McPhail, Patrick Campbell, Hugh McEwen, Donald Crerar, Donald Cameron.